After Jesolo and Eraclea, going north, there is the city of Caorle, where you can still visit the traditional houses of the lagoon, the "huts", made of timber and reeds, used as a refuge for fishermen.

Caorle is an "alternative-city" reminiscent of Venice with its narrow streets, equipped for touring the delightful little church of the Madonna (XIII century), where a miracle during the flood of 1727 divided the beach from the west beach east.

Caorle is a seaside town that thrives on tourism and fishing, that can be seen along the entryway, watching the boats along the canal port, and glimpsing the hotel towards the sea. There are special restaurants specializing in seafood, caught in the area. It is particularly lively in the evenings "in the square," that is the main square of the city, populated by tourists who visit the shops or dine in fine restaurants before a walk in the living reef (with rocks sculpted by artists). The water park "Aquafollie", a beautiful attraction for the whole family, is at just a short walk from the city center.