Gardaland - € 54.00 adults - € 30.00 children (4-11 years) + entry ticket € 25,00.

Trip to the most famous park in Italy, returning at 19.00.

From Bibione/Lignano: € 60.00 adults - € 25.00 children (4-11 years) + entry ticket  25,00.

The excursion includes roundtrip bus ticket and the booked ticket to avoid the queues!!

The amusement park offers attractions for adults and children, an aquarium "SeaLife", a 4D cinema with the film Ice Age 4D, a lot of shows in a theater during the day, restaurants and cafes: a magical place surrounded by nature.

Newly opened in 2015 the 'Oblivium', an irresistible attraction!!!

The departure from Jesolo is at the following times:

Piazza Europa 08:10 hours
Piazza Torino 08.00 hours
Piazza Milano 07:55 hours
Piazza Tommaseo 07:50 hours
Piazza Brescia 07:45 hours
Piazza Internazionale 07:40 hours
Piazza Nember 07.30 hours


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