The fame of Grado was born and lives in relation to the largest and oldest town patriarchy of Aquileia, which was the first port of call on the island and the sea.

In the nineteenth century it was considered the most coveted beach of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the ancient fishing village, between the homonymous lagoon and the Adriatic Sea, the Grado island boasts history dating back to the Roman second century AD and a reputation linked not only to the vicinity of Aquileia, its beaches (the Main Beach is the only one in the south Adriatic side completely open), the bathing facilities of the highest quality and therapeutic properties of its sand (spa and thalassotherapy) and its air. In addition there are over 12 000 hectares of lagoons, some of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean basin.

In the old town, the unfolding of streets, courts and squares is the result of spontaneous architecture: the two early Christian basilicas degree days are probably the two oldest churches in Italy, miraculously survived despite invasions and wars. Don't miss the Grado dish par excellence, the tasty fish soup, the pride of traditional seafood dishes.

The beauty of Grado is that you can associate a period of carefree vacation with immersions in an ancient world, full of historic charm and evocative suggestions that the Island of the Sun and Golden shows: Grado meets style with the desire for relaxation, enjoyment and welfare of all, young and old.