Treviso and the Roncade Castle with wine tasting - € 50.00 adults € 26.00 children (4-11 years).

Russian (Wednesday)

English and German (Thursday)

A medieval excursion.

Treviso "The Garden of Venice".

The tour starts in the morning at 08.00 with a coach who will gather you near your hotel.

With a journey of about an hour you will reach the city of Treviso, where you can admire initially the wide walls of Roman origin.
You will reach then Piazza dei Signori, the Palace of powers and the town tower.
In a very elegant atmosphere of the fourth century.
You will also visit St. Nicolò and the room of the Chapter.
In the center you can also admire the Fish market: an island with water mills still in operation.

You will leave Treviso around 12.30 to reach the Roncade Castle where you can also taste several local wines and some local specialties.

You will return to Jesolo around 15.30/16:00

The excursion includes:
- Transfer from the hotel to Treviso and back
- Tourist guide
- Local Wine Tasting at the Roncade Castle 

Pick up times:
Europe Square 08:35 hours
Piazza Torino 08.30 hours
Piazza Milano 08.25 hours  
Piazza Tommaseo 08.20 hours
Piazza Brescia 08.15 hours
Piazza Internazionale 08:10 hours
Piazza Nember 08.00 hours


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