Venice is the queen of the north-eastern Veneto and Italy, UNESCO World heritage site, and capital of the Republic "Serenissima" for over a millennium.

Its heart, Piazza San Marco, with the Basilica, colored in gold and covered with mosaics that tell the history of Venice, is the starting point for a tour to discover its treasures.

The main bridges are the Rialto one, the oldest on the Grand Canal, and the Sighs one, which marked the entrance to the prison. Bridges made of stone,iron or wood unite the 116 islands  through 176 channels (called "canali" in Venetian).

The city holds many more sites and monuments of unique beauty: the Venetian Arsenal, the heart of the shipping industry of Venice, the Jewish Ghetto of Venice, with many beautiful old synagogues dating back to 500, the Lido, the beach of Venice, Teatro La Fenice, a jewel of Italian opera, Murano, Burano and Torcello, the three major islands and numerous other buildings, museums, monuments, squares and churches - every view is admirable.

A swarm of activity: meetings artisans who make masks and tissues similar to real works of art, cooks capable of serving the best dishes in the world, musicians able to move from Baroque music to sound dry and hard punk-rock, international artists and tourists from all over the world, Venice welcomes guests from centuries, that only in Venice live the magic of a timeless city.