Verona and Lake Garda - € 56.00 adults, € 30.00 (4-11 years).

Every Tuesday in Russian, English and German

You will depart from Jesolo around 7:00 in the morning to arrive in Verona (about 150 km far) around 10.30.

Along the way you will admire the Venetian lagoon, a beautiful natural protected landscape.

Just before the arrival  you will see (on the right) the "Soave" castle  and the hills rich in vineyards where fine wines are produced.
Once in VERONA you will meet the guide for the city tour (10.30 hours).

Here you will admire some of the most important attractions such as the "Castel Vecchio", the cathedral, the Roman Theatre, the Church of St. Anastasia and many other impressive medieval buildings.
Then you will reach the famous balcony of Romeo and Juliet that inspired Shakespeare.

The impressive ARENA DI VERONA  is incredibly still active with concerts and operas that attract people from all over the world.
We leave the GARDA around 13.30 to reach SIRMIONE.
There is also a boat ride to admire the remains of a Roman spa, a historic villa and also the Villa of Maria Callas, the famous opera singer.
We will leave around 16.30 to reach Jesolo at 19.00, in time for dinner.
In case of traffic the tour can be reversed to avoid the queues.
The excursion includes:
- First-class pullmann  for the return
- Guide all day
- Guide in the city for about two hours


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